Hinsdale County

Hinsdale County and Lake City, Colorado

The Lure

is different for each and every one of us . . .

American Basin in full bloom.

Endless vistas of rugged peaks from the top of a “Fourteener” world.

Fish-filled mountain lakes, rivers, creeks and reservoirs.

Foot, hoof, and motorized treks that promise treasured memories and spur further exploration.

Encompassing more than one thousand square miles of untamed beauty, Hinsdale County stands unrivaled when outdoor recreation, unique geology, wildflowers, abundant wildlife, and historic significance come into play. An endless list of “ah-factors” includes 96% public land, five Colorado Fourteeners, four wilderness areas, two national byways, breathtaking waterfalls and four-wheel drive roads, ghost towns, year-round trails, a backcountry haute route and yurt system, and one of the most authentic national historic districts in Colorado. 

Staying true to its late 1800s “mining boom” status as the area’s supply and service center, Lake City is now the everything-you-need hub for amazing hiking, climbing, fishing, hunting, boating, four-wheeling, mountain biking, horseback riding, camping, and sightseeing adventures. With its special welcoming, pioneer-town feel, Lake City is also a vacation destination on its own, featuring family-oriented celebrations and year-round festivals, theatrical performances, historical tours and presentations, in-town trails and recreation, and shopping enhanced by the wares of many talented local artisans.

Hinsdale County and its historic town of Lake City are gems awaiting your discovery in Colorado’s beautiful and rugged San Juan Mountains. Escape to yesteryear this year. We can almost guarantee you will come back . . . again and again.


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